Backyard Marketing Program

Backyard Local Marketing for Social Media, Coaching, and Location Based Marketing

Backyard Marketing (ByM)

ByM was built upon the foundation that you must start your marketing efforts in your own “backyard” and work your way out.  McCarty BMX has put together a marketing plan that fits to YOUR businesses needs. Our ByM Bootcamp is our entire ByM Program which includes our personalized ByM Guide and 3 weeks Training (4 hrs 4 days a week).


What does Backyard Marketing entail?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Do you know where your customers are?  CRM’s are the best way to keep track of your customers as well as who your leads are.  Many CRM’s are FREE for the first 2 users and have reasonable fees for additional users.  We will work with you to setup the appropriate CRM for your business and show you how to make it work for you.  Once your setup and using it properly you can start focusing on bringing in more customers.

Company Communication

Email, calendar, conferencing, and project collaboration are all important for a company.  But do you know that Google Apps can allow you to do all of this for FREE?  We can help you set up your company on all of the apps you need to run your company more proficiently.  We can setup your company with a professional domain email ([email protected]).  We can also setup a professional calendar that you can use to collaborate with everyone inside or outside of your company.


Do you need a basic website or do you need to update your website?  We can help you build (or rebuild) a website that suits your company and its growth.  We use WordPress for all websites, because it is very user friendly.  We feel you should be able to update your website when you want without waiting on an outside designer.  Check out our Website Development page for more information.

Social Media and Online Marketing

Social Media is the new word-of-mouth!  We can help you setup your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Page for your business.  We can also get you setup on Foursquare.  All of these are important for marketing your business in this internet age.  It is also important to list your company on several internet search engines.  We will help you get setup and show you how to maximize your exposure on each.  If you need someone to monitor your Facebook Account by putting Posts up weekly and monitoring comments, we can do that too.

And More

We review the visual aspects of your business to determine if it has the right customer appeal.  We help you get started on promoting to your local residents and businesses.  We offer a variety of promotions and events for your company to utilize to increase your customer base.   We take you outside of your comfort zone and show you the fun side of Marketing!  Our goal is to get you thinking outside of the box and outside of traditional advertising marketing.


What will Backyard Marketing cost me?

3 Week ByM Bootcamp – $3,000

3 Week ByM Bootcamp plus basic Website Development – $3,500

ByM Guide plus 2 hours training – $500

Social Media set-up and training – $150

A la Carte – Contact us for pricing

For more information or to start your Backyard Marketing today please Contact Us via phone or email.


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